The largest village in Vanuatu with a population of over 7,000 people, Mele Village, is now in a process of introducing a new Water Supply Network System for over 1,000 households throughout the Village.

The current Water Supply System does not sustain full capacity of the community, according to the village community chairman, Ova Kalsau.

Through his leadership, the village community has decided to look at, and introduce a new and modern water supply system for the entire village population as well as put in place provisions for future expansion of the village and its population growth.

To this end, the community is taking on one of the biggest challenges ever, which is important to life and that is a move to introduce a complete new Water System Network.

“We are going to do away with the old galvanize system and introduce PVC pipping in the network system that will reach over 1,000 households in Mele village with the highest percentage being permanent family homes.

"The highest percentage of these homes are of modern and permanent structures built mostly by those who have spent time working on new labour market arrangements between Vanuatu and Australia,” said Kalsau.

The estimated costs of the new Mele water supply system stands at Vt40 million, but the village community now remains committed and determined to achieve this, starting with every fund that comes in.

Already some of the villagers who have been working in the employment scheme in Australia have stepped forward with first contribution towards the water project.

Last Friday, a group of men who have worked in Australia under Ray and Masong Sambo, on banana farms, with their team leader Kalmangasara Patrick Antonio, donated Vt410,000 towards the new water system project. Members of the team who stepped out with the donation include; Trevor Sambo, Maliu Anis, Paul Numao, John Langiatu, and Jimmy Lulu Suposu, who arranged, and made the cash donation towards the new Water System Project.

“The members of the Mele Community are pleased with such a donation from our own people, because we believe that we have to stepped out ourselves first, before we seek outside assistance.

"We have to prove that we are willing to take on such a major project as water which is an essential need for life.

"We have to stand united and commit ourselves then accept other assistance from outside our own village community,” the man behind the Water Project expressed.

The new water system project will include the main village and as well as two sub-stations adjacent to the main village.

Details of the entire new water project system will be released prior to the commencement of the new Mele water project.

The Vanuatu Government through the Ministry of Lands and Rural Water Supply, Utility and Regulatory Authority and Vanuatu Services under UNELCO provided technical assistance towards this major Project at the end of 2017. 

Now the members of Mele community under the leadership of Mr Kalsau say the project would require outside assistance from here on.

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