The people of Mele have launched their first new political party — the New Nations Party (NNP).

NNP President, Pastor William Malas and Vice President Roro Sambo have announced the emergence of the new party, hailing it as a way of uniting the people of Mele.

“This will engage the people to work together and build new visions for the future of the community,” President Malas said.

“Mele community has around 3,000 habitants. With this figure, the community can put 2 or 3 MPs into the Parliament, only if we work together.

“I am happy to see our hard works being paid off and to let everyone be aware that a political party has been born and registered at Mele.”

A small gathering took place at Hideaway Beach Bar Resort, with the Hideaway Island in the background to mark the launching.

Lulu Sobuso as the local media reported that the choice of this location is to remember the island of their ancestors, to bring respect in tribute of their struggle in 1950.

Chairman of the Pati, Kalmalau Labua conveyed that as the biggest community of Efate, and that “this is the first time in history for the people of Mele to start a Political Party”.

“As the chairman, I am proud and happy for our achievements to witness this outset and to let the public be aware of Mele’s new political party, the New Nations Party.”

President Malas conveyed that this is not the NPP’s official launching but just an awareness to the public of its commencement.

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