The overwhelming majority of the cascades is entirely unaffected by last year’s consent agreement.

CORRECTION: Yesterday’s Daily Post stated that Evergreen Ltd had signed a consent agreement in which it would ‘vacate [the] Cascade area’. That headline was incomplete and therefore incorrect.

The property that was the subject of the mutually agreed consent order comprises only the parking area, the entrance building and some support structures at the base of the Mele Cascades tourist attraction.

As the attached map shows, the entire extent of the Cascades themselves with the exception of two pools at the base, are part of a lease held by Evergreen. Title to this lease has never been contested. In a written statement sent to the Daily Post yesterday, a company spokesman said, “The managers of the business confirm that operations are continuing as per normal at Evergreen with tours and airport transfers.

The cascades Waterfalls have been discounted in price for tourists to enjoy the water areas and nature tracks we have full currently until Efate receives more rain and the waterfalls themselves start flowing again. When the waterfalls return to their normal flows, operations at the Cascades and staffing levels will be increased.”

The article was based on a copy of the consent agreement shown to the Daily Post by parties involved in the negotiation. Evergreen was not contacted during the preparation of Tuesday’s article.

The December 1 consent agreement that was the subject of the original story was negotiated consensually and in good faith by the parties concerned, and overseen by Justice Mary Sey. The agreement binds the parties to continue to negotiate in good faith to resolve any outstanding issues.

No order impeding continued business operations at the Cascades was issued.

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