The Vanuatu Liberal Movement (VLM) has established itself in the largest village in Vanuatu, Mele village.

The Political Movement which was founded by the Minister of Finance and Santo Rural MP, Gaetaen Pikioune, in 2018, in Port Olry, vowed to ensure Mele Village lands an MP in parliament in 2020.

Last Friday evening, some Mele community leaders and former political veterans, performed a custom ceremony and declared their allegiance to the President of the newly founded political party, Mr Pikioune.

The new members came from different political parties.

During their political allegiance remarks, all the speakers voiced the same desire and that is for Imere or Mele Village, with the population of 6,000 to 7,000 people, must have an MP in 2020.

They say 12 years without an MP is too long and it shows disunity in the village but now they must unite for a common purpose.

The purpose is for one voice and one MP in Parliament in 2020.

In his remarks, the Mele Councilor, in the Shefa Provincial Council, Mr. Katawia Vatoko, remarked: “Today I lower the flag of the independent platform which I stood on to gain a seat in the Shefa Province and today I am joining the Vanuatu Liberal Movement, and therefore announce that the VLM has a Councilor in the Shefa Province.”

He went on to assure the President of the VLM that in 2020, he will support the Mele VLM proposed candidate who is Ps. Michel K. Taravaki, with over 400 supporters.

Further in his remarks, the Mele Shefa Councilor said the village was divided politically for a long time, because it was not easy for one of the long time existing political parties to hold the majority of the people.

But today, he said, with this new political movement being established in the village, it is a new direction that can lead the people of Mele village to have a voice again in parliament.

The proposed VLM candidate Ps. Michel Taravaki, said it is important for the village to unite for one common purpose in politics and that is to have a voice in parliament.

He assured the party president that he will work together with the party’s newly established committee.

He said he is aware that there are one or two other candidates in Mele Village.

However, this he said, the VLM will work with everyone to unite for a common political goal of having an MP, in the 2020 parliament.

In response, the VLM President, Gaetan Pikeoune, vowed to assist the new VLM committee in Mele village to achieve its target.

At the same time, he outlined some of the important policy guidelines of the party on; education, socio-economy, including encouraging Ni-Vans in businesses, importance of tourism, Vanuatu human resources and creating more employment opportunities for Ni-Vanuatu at home, health, infrastructures and the natural resources of the country.

“As for tourism, we want to see increased direct flights into Vanuatu, more tourists coming, more employment opportunities for the locals, more Ni-Vans to go into businesses.

“The Government must assist the Vanuatu people to succeed in businesses, and assist those wanting to go into businesses, advance tourism industry in the country,” he emphasized.

“Education must be compulsory. Every child in Vanuatu must go to school, and the Government must facilitate this, because the most single important resource of a nation are humans and thus the people of Vanuatu, today and tomorrow.

“The human resources, the financial resources are vital for the country’s advancement in any given development- this must be Vanuatu’s priority,” Pikioune, stressed.

He went on to announced that Vanuatu Liberal Movement will hold its 2019 Congress in Port Olry, East Santo.

He invited the Mele VLM leaders and those wishing to attend to do so and that the party will assist in getting them to the Congress.

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