President of the Port Vila Land Transport Authority – Donald Massing, mentioned in an interview with 96 Buzz FM that marijuana is the catalyst behind the majority of sexual assaults in public transport.

His comment came in light of the recent assault regarding a female passenger who defended herself with a bladed instrument – “we still have some issues coming from marijuana, for this case, it is one of the passengers in the bus; we don’t know who engaged in marijuana.”

In order to prevent such sexual perversions, Mr. Massing proposed to all drivers to turn their interior lights on during their nightshift so that women are always aware of who is inside the bus.

When suggested that women should arm themselves inside public transport the President of PVELTA refused to entertain the notion and sternly stated that the public transportation remains safe.

However Mr. Massing then added that if a public transport driver witnesses such heinous acts and voluntarily ignores the crime, then he becomes an accessory after the fact.

“If you are in the scene of the situation when there is a crime happening, the law says that you have to get involved, either to stop it or protect it or if there is nothing happening, you are involving in this crime,” Mr. Massing said.

The President of PVELTA recalled the incident of the young lady who was assaulted and added: “The driver is already involving in the crime and this is the information where all our drivers should know this law.”

As far as any other safety measures are concerned apart from keeping the lights on, Mr. Massing said that he is still “trying to figure it out”.

As for the young woman who was assaulted, further attempts to contact the victim of the incident in question has been futile and Police has confirmed that no information involving either stabbing or sexual harassment inside public transport has been reported yet.

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