Man gets 7 years for rape

A man from Pentecost has been sentenced to a term of 7 years and 3 months imprisonment for rape.

Bob Tevi was found guilty by the Supreme Court on two charges of rape, one act of indecency and abduction.

The first incident occurred in 2014 when the victim was out shopping and the defendant lured her into his house and raped her.

The defendant then told the victim not to tell anyone about what happened.

In 2015 the second incident occurred when the defendant asked the victim to purchase some matches for him from the store.

When she did and was handing over the matches, the defendant pulled her behind the church and raped her again.

The victim maintained that she never consented in any way to what went on in both occasions.

The last rape resulted in the victim becoming pregnant.

The court began with a starting point of 8 years imprisonment but took into consideration mitigating factors such as no previous convictions for the defendant and a reconciliation performed by the defendant.

This resulted in a nine-month reduction in his sentence.

Justice David Chetwynd who handed down the judgment said he would have considered a greater reduction if the defendant had shown any remorse as it appears the defendant does not appear to accept that he raped the victim.

The court then gave an end sentence of 7 years and 3 months imprisonment on each count of rape that would be served concurrently.

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