Mamas responsible for pilgrimage: Leison Dick (left) and Myriam Malao

By Len Garae

Approximately 130 members from the six committees catering for Port Vila Market House, have listed their names to charter the Big Sista on a pilgrimage to Santo on Thursday next week, to seek spiritual healing from the most visited spring in Luganville.

Market House Mamas President Myriam Malao and Restaurant Wing President Leisong Dick have shown a list of 136 passengers saying Big Sista has a capacity to carry 130 passengers but the number is still climbing.

Myriam Malo explains, “We have negotiated a return fare of Vt6,500 per passenger and we urge every mama who has not paid her fare yet, to hurry and settle hers now.

“We are also thinking of taking mentally-ill persons at the Market House to help them seek healing from the pool.”

Reports of alleged healing from either drinking from the spring or bathing in its pool are reported to be increasing.

Those who have been to the pool have returned to Port Vila with bottle-filled water from the spring for their families to drink. Some are sending the water by air for their families in the Capital.

A mentally affected young man in Port Vila is reported to have been “cured” after drinking a 1.5-litre bottle of water from the spring.

Asked to explain the origin of the popularity of the spring, an elderly man explains, “A woman who was allegedly diagnosed with a one-way ticket breast cancer, was reported to have prayed for divine intervention and was told to bathe in the pool. She was reported to have recovered after bathing in the pool and news of her alleged recovery quickly spread.”

There are no clinical tests to prove medically these claims.

Meanwhile in the latest arrangement for members of the committees of Port Vila Market to sail to Santo, Myriam Malao says the priority goes to the women. Men can join the second trip. Port Vila Market has 300 members.

Two senior members of a Christian denomination also reportedly joined the crowd to visit the spring at midnight in the recent past.

While they did not drink from the spring, one of them told his church congregation, “The most important aspect of a visit to the spring should not be to experience a miracle but the One responsible for the miracle”.

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