Chief Tirsupe

Chief Tirsupe assured Malvatumauri in decentralisation process

By Len Garae

Chairman of the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Chief Mol Torvaka Lima Tirsupe is appealing to the Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs, to consult with the Office of the Malvatumauri before proceeding with new decentralisation policies to set up any Area Council Structure in the country.

The Chairman says all custom chiefs have their own structures at Island Council, Area Council, and Village Council levels and his Office is cautious to avoid all opportunities for disputes.

He says chiefs already have enough on their plates at provincial level to sort out without dealing with new reasons for disputes, if the proposed Decentralisation Structure at Area Council level proceeds without first consulting the Office of the Malvatumauri. “All custom chiefs at all levels have their structures linked to the Office of the Malvatumauri and as such, I am appealing to the relevant Department or Office in the Ministry of Home Affairs, to get in touch with the Office of the Malvatumauri to seek our views”, he says.

“This is to avoid causing confusion, dispute or possible conflict of interest”.

After all, Chief Tirsupe says all chiefs’ overall objective is for everybody in society to live in peace and harmony.

With the election of the new Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs taking place in May, the Chairman wants to see such processes sorted out and gazetted beforehand, to allow the election to be carried out on a flat playing field, to carry on the work of the Malvatumauri where the present Council has stopped.

Manager Decentralisation, Department of Local Authorities, Ben Tabi wishes to assure the Chairman of Malvatumauri that the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs has an important role to play in the Decentralisation Process and will be consulted. “May I assure the Chairman of the Malvatumauri that how he sees the work that lies ahead and his appeal for his Office to be consulted is totally in line with current established process, which spells out the actual role of the Malvatumauri in the Decentralisation Plan”, Manager Tabi confirms.

“So in fact the Malvatumauri is already included inside the Plan”.

The Manager wishes to assure the Chairman of the Malvatumauri that his Office has no intention to rule them out and the process has not started yet.

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