MALFFB signs Public Private Partnership with Flysha (Fiji) Limited

MALFFB Minister, Hosea Nevu shaking hands with Flysha Ltd owner Shun Hui. (MALFFB)

The government of Vanuatu through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry and Biosecurity (MALFFB), has signed a Public private partnership with Flysha (Fiji) Limited in regards to the sea cucumber industry in Vanuatu.

Minister of MALFFB, Hosea Nevu officially signed the agreement with Flysha Ltd owner Shun Hui, a Fiji national, yesterday at the Warwick resort.

Flyfa Ltd is a Fijian company which buys and processes sea cucumber in the region.

The agreement has seen the Vanuatu government in a joint partnership with Flysha Ltd forming a new company called “VANFLY LIMITED” to address sea cucumber industry in Vanuatu.

The agreement will see the Vanuatu government owning 49% of the share and Flysha Ltd with 51% of the share.

Private Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture, Levi Tarosa said that the Ministry has announced a tender process for interested companies since last year and has extended the process to 18th May.

Mr Tarosa confirmed that under the agreement, Flysha Ltd has been given a sea cucumber license to purchase, process and export sea cucumbers in Vanuatu but not to harvest. He said that harvesting processes are within communities’ authorities and the government’s if interested communities are willing to be part of the joint venture agreement.

According to Mr Tarosa, the decision is up to communities. If they agree, then Flysha Ltd must do more consultation activities with the interested communities for proper awareness concerning the sea cucumber industry and its impacts.

Mr Tarosa said that due to few amendments within the Fisheries act, the MALFFB has ben given the green light to arrange for such activities.

He said that with the Sea cucumber management plan organized by fisheries expert, it will guide VANFLY and other interested companies when carrying out sea cucumber activities in Vanuatu. It seeks to see that no laws and regulations under the plan are breached.

Mr Tarosa confirmed that under the agreement, the MALFFB will deploy officials to cater for the activities and to monitor actions or activities carried out by Flysha or any future companies in the future.

The Private secretary also warned that any companies breaching the sea cucumber management plan will be refuted from its license and from any activities in Vanuatu in regards to the sea cucumber industry.

He said that companies abiding with regulations will definitely have their licenses renewed.

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