Malapoa College highlights World Tuna Day

Malapoa College students and teachers in a group photo at the Convention Centre on World Tuna Day celebration yesterday.

By Jonas Cullwick

Malapoa College provided the main highlight for the first UN-declared World Tuna Day yesterday, May 2, 2017 at the Convention Centre in Port Vila by providing the school’s total complement of 839 people – 789 students and 50 teachers.

They participated in the parade from Anchor Inn next to Fung Kuei to the Convention Centre where the program for the day was held and then stayed on to view displays by the Department of Fisheries and those by the students themselves and sat in for the presentations from various fisheries sector stakeholders.

The Principal of Malapoa College, Reginal Garoleo said he was pleased with the participation of the students through the displays of the short stories, posters, essays, banners, drawings, writings and cartoon clips. They also produced a float in the form a tuna fishing boat for the parade.

“The Department of Fisheries wrote to the Minister of Education and asked for Malapoa College to participate in this commemoration of World Tuna Day and very pleased with the quality of the contributions from the students.

“Some of the writings by the students are very rich because they did their research and got much of their information from fisheries officers to write their pieces,” the principal added.

Even four students from the college went on air on Televisen blong Vanuatu (TBV) and recorded a program on fisheries giving much valuable information on the VT350 million tuna resources and on the theme of the celebration this year: ‘Our Fish, Our Future’. They spoke on tuna as a valuable renewable resources, issues and challenges affecting tuna in Vanuatu and their concepts or ideas on how to develop the tuna fishery in Vanuatu. The program aired on Friday night on TBV and three successive nights after that.

Principal Garoleo expressed his gratitude to the Minster of Education and his Director General for allowing Malapoa College to contribute to the learning of the people of Vanuatu about their tuna resources.

The exhibits and displays by the 789 students, 26% of whom – 205 are boarders, will continue to be on display at the Convention Centre for members of the public wishing to view them when they join the World Media Freedom Day commemoration today.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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