The new Malapoa College extension was officially handed over to the government of Vanuatu yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

The extension of Vanuatu’s prestige school is a project aided by the People’s Republic of China.

In his official address, Prime Minister Charlot Salwai conveyed that it was a remarkable day in which Vanuatu will begin to write a new chapter in its educational plan and pathway for the future in line with the National Sustainable Development Plan of the government.

“Within the time frame of the Vanuatu Education Reform Program, the Vt1.2billion project is like a lighthouse that will continue to provide bright potential for every ni-Vanuatu citizens to gain knowledge and skills that this nation needs before and after we graduate from the list of LDC status on December 2020,” he said.

“There is nothing short of gratitude to you and your government (China) to continue to elevate Vanuatu in its journey towards sustainable development and further emancipation in a number of ways through educational opportunities for our citizens-we convey our appreciation.”

Mr Salwai said the complex will provide avenue for all Ni-Vanuatu students and citizens to study together using English, French and other international languages to pursue further educational opportunity that is available at their doorstep.

“We cannot continue to be stagnant in the age of scientific and technological advancement in the world.

“This infrastructure will provide the state of the art learning environment for our people,” he said.

“I wish to convey the government’s continuous support for the college and other learning institutions in Vanuatu to ensure that the government’s overall plan for higher education is achieved .

“Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Government of China for its unwavering commitment and support to Vanuatu over the years in particular its contribution towards the development of the education sector.”

China’s Ambassador to Vanuatu, Mr Zhou Haicheng expressed that it was a very important and commemorative moment for both China and Vanuatu.

“The completion of the new college is not only just a symbol of the friendship of Sino-Vanuatu but also a solid cornerstone of the mutual understanding and connectivity of our two countries and will surely epoch a new page in the college history,” he said.

“The new premises of Malapoa College will be paradise of the youth to grow in and i do believe that the bright future of Vanuatu will come true in the hands of the youth.”

The Minister of Education Jean Pierre Nirua reiterated that extension of the college was another step further into improving the standard of education and was a result of plan visioned by former and current school councils including former principals.

“I urge you to look after and maintain the premises as it is now to create a better learning environment for current and future students at Malapoa College,” he said.

The occasion featured the unveiling of a monument by PM Salwai and Chinese Ambassador and witnessed by Ministers of Land, Finance, Climate Change and Justice.

A custom ceremony was made by the Vanuatu government to the custodians of the land representing Chief Mantoi Kalsakau III and site visit of the project for everyone attended the occasion.

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