The preparations for the celebration of the joint Malampa-Fiji Day this year in Port Vila are picking up, and the organising committee are requesting all people of Malampa or Fiji

origin to join and support the celebrations this year.

2014 was the first time the communities of Malampa and Fiji joined together to celebrate both Malampa Day and Fiji Day, both of which fall on the 10th of October each year.

As part of these first joint celebrations, an MOU was signed between the two communities and it was agreed that the joint celebration of Malampa Day and Fiji Day would continue in subsequent years. Last year 2015 a very successful program was held despite the devastation caused by TC Pam earlier in the year.

The program for this year’s event on Monday 10th October will consist of a public march from Tropical Market to Saralana, official speeches, stalls showcasing products produced by companies from Malampa and from local businesses of Fijian origin, and a public lunch. Apart from entertainment from the different communities (custom dances and other performances), the highlight of the Day will be the first AGM of the United Malampa Football Club – a new football club in Port Vila which is fast becoming a contender to be the top club in the league. The players of United Malampa FC will also play some demonstration matches for the audience.

The organizing committee for this year’s event is now soliciting financial and in-kind support for the following main costs: hire of the venue and facilities (incl. sound system), food and drinks for a public lunch for up to 2000 people and fees for the entertainers.

Anyone who wants to support and contribute with any form of donation is asked to contact the committee Chairman Philip Arnhambath on 7339163.

The organizing committee is appealing to all Port Vila residents of Malampa or Fiji origin to join in and support the celebrations this year.

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