MALAMPA Day celebrations on Malekula a success

PSC Chairman Martin Mahe joins MPGC SG Neil Netaf during MALAMPA PSC Day. Photo: Ellis Silas, Facebook

MALAMPA Day celebrations at Lakatoro yesterday was a success. The MALAMPA Provincial Government Council (MPGC) and the people of Malampa organised a 6-day celebration which kicked off on Sunday October 7, leading up to the commemoration of the MALAMPA Day at the Wilkins Memorial Stadium under the theme — “Celebrating the Life of Late Darval Wilkins”.

This came about after the MPGC appointed a local organizing committee to organize the festive event, as such this is said to be one of the success celebrations ever.

The celebration began with a parade to the Wilkins Stadium, followed by speeches from respectful leaders of the province to mark the importance of the day, reflect on the accomplishments and highlight the targets the province is yet to achieve.

A flag raising ceremony took place after the speeches, with sports competitions carrying out its semifinal games. The day ended with a string band competition.

Vice Chairman of the organizing committee, John Kampai mentioned the first event on Sunday featured gospel choir groups performing throughout the night.

He said each day has its subthemes and different activities.

Monday was USP Open Day, during which people get to see the various displays of the University in their booths and get information in relation to their interests. The displays were showcased from morning to midday, followed by the sports competitions until dusk.

MALAMPA Public Service Commission day took place on Tuesday, starting with a parade to the stadium. The event saw government and NGO representatives putting on displays in their booths throughout the day for the public to get more information. Sports activities also took place during the day with music entertainment, concluding up the program at 9pm.

Today, Thursday is World Food Day. The organizing committee has put the focus on Slow Food promotion.

The slow food preparation will see everyone join in the fun to advocate the program. Highlights include the Mother Hubbard show and the Miss MALAMPA competition.

Friday is International Womens Day. Mr Kampai said the organizing committee have agreed to celebrate this event as part of the 6-day celebration. A parade will take place in the morning, followed by speeches from respected women leaders in relation to the day’s topic.

Booths will also be open to the public forum where women will disclose information to the public. The day will conclude with a closing ceremony for the 6-day event.

Mr Kampai said this year’s celebrations is very successful and exciting.

He says this year’s theme reflects on the late Wilkins’ legacy. Wilkins paved the way for the establishment of the provincial governing system within the provinces during the colonial governments.

Mr Kampai said his contribution has touched everyone and that is why this year’s theme is dedicated to his legacy.

Wilkins’ family have travelled to Lakatoro to be part of the celebrations.

On behalf of the organizing committee, Mr Kampai, acknowledged the event’s main sponsors as follows: Yake Construction, MP Sato Kilman, Menzie Samuel, VCCE, CCECC and all civil servants for making this event a success one.

He is thankful to the MPGC for the trust they have placed upon the organizing committee to organize the celebrations and to the people of MALAMPA for the unity in carrying out developments within the province.

He also acknowledged the national government for the support towards the provincial government and wishes all Malampa people a happy celebration, working together towards a better MALAMPA Province.

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