Maewo to host second Slow Food Festival

Vice President of the Slow Food Voluntary Organisation of Maewo receiving the garden tools from Mr Iesul from DARD

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) is assisting the Slow Food Voluntary Organizing Committee (VOC) of Maewo with preparations of the second Slow Food Festival this year.

It was agreed during the previous festival held on Tanna in 2016 for the Penama Group to host the next festival in 2017.

This did not happen due to unforeseen circumstances. But the leaders from Maewo have come back with a decision to host the event.

The previous event on Tanna was known as ‘Tupunis’. The Maewo organizing committee have given a name for the second festival.

It will be called ‘Siloa Slow Food Festival’ and will be held from September 2 to 6.

DARD has supplied garden tools to the Maewo organizing committee to assist in setting up food gardens similar to yard gardening as part of preparations for the upcoming festival.

The Deputy President of VOC, Aminio David, received the garden tools from the DARD Acting Principal Agriculture Officer ,Peter Iesul.

DARD recognizes that the Slow Food Movement (SFM) contributes to the farming community and the rural livelihood in Vanuatu, said Mr Iesul.

It considers SFM as a partner in addressing food security needs and ultimately promoting combat actions against non-communicable diseases, which is one of the leading cause of deaths in Vanuatu, he said.

DARD has decided to introduce less common gardening tools to VOC of Siloa Slow Food Festival as a way of helping farmers experience and embrace the advantage of using tools such as garden forks, garden rakes, weeding hoes and mini digging spades in Vanuatu’s farming activities.

The Slow Food Movement started in Italy in 1986, with an aim to promote local food and traditional cooking method as oppose to fast food services.

It has gain popularity in over 150 countries, with Vanuatu joining it not so long ago.

Slow Food activities in Vanuatu are coordinated by the Cultural Centre.

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