Lycee Antoine de Bougainville Principal Goretti Lunabek is appealing to all parents and guardians of 746 students of Lycee Antoine de Bougainville, including former students, to contribute as well as attend a major fundraising event at the school tomorrow (April 21) at midday.

Years 9, 10 and11 students are asked to bring in cakes in the morning for sale at midday or for their parents and guardians to bring them over at midday. Parents and guardians of Year 12 students are asked to bring in ice cream at midday.

‘Stik mit’ and kava will be on sale in the afternoon at the LAB nakamal.

Here are two major events that are going to be held at Lycee LAB this year and next year:

• Van2017 in December this year

• Lycee LAB Jubilee on March 20 next year

The fundraising event tomorrow is organised by the Jubilee Committee.

“Our Jubilee Day would be a success only through the support of parents and guardians and ex-students”, she adds.

The Principal is appealing to all parents and guardians and former students to take ownership of the institution as their own and give it their full support.

A Lycee LAB School Community Association Meeting will take place in the big hall behind the APTC premises on Sunday April 23 at 2pm.

Both the Principal and SCA Chairman, Kaltuk Kaloran are calling on all 746 parents and guardians to attend to have access to correct information concerning the school and to ask questions to clear their minds concerning any queries that they may have.

All parents who are doubtful of how the Administration manages the school budget are urged to attend the meeting as the institution’s finances will be screened via power point to “clear” all clouds of misconception.

Even the annual official grant is nowhere enough to be used to cover monthly expenditure.

The Principal is asking parents and guardians to wait for calls from the school for them to contribute towards cleaning and beautifying the school, to upgrade it to its glory days.

“If you have any flowers to plant to add natural beauty to our school, please don’t hesitate to let us have them because we want our Lycee to look colourful and spritely clean before the athletes arrive,” she says.

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