Luganville Town has new hearse

The Northern town has for the first time a new hearse or funeral vehicle to transport coffins from a mortuary or church or funeral home to burial sites. The new development is in line with the new Luganville Municipal Council’s (LMC)cemetery regulation, any family who loses a relative must declare the deceased to the council for a death certificate before burial.

The cemetery fee comes with a whole package that covers the transportation of any deceased to the cemetery.

In the past family members transport their family members using their own vehicles.

Civil Status senior officer in Luganville, Anna Toara told Daily Post that this new initiative will help improve this particular service to the people of Luganville town.

She said it is important that people of Luganville adhere to the new regulation and the new cemetery fee package because this includes the transportation of any deceased to the burial site.

The new regulation prohibits from using public transport or private vehicle for transportation of dead bodies.

LMC strongly believes that the welfare of its citizens is important and this includes the deceased that are laid to rest at the Luganville cemetery. In addition, the 2nd of November was put aside as an annual event to remember those that are laid to rest at the Luganville cemetery.

Churches will assemble together including the public of Luganville to clean the graves of their family members and share moments with their loves one.

Ms. Toara added that another major reason to improve the Cemetery system is to put an end to illegal burial activities near homes around Luganville town.

Reports revealed that LMC Police officers on one occasion had to intervene and dug some grave of deceased belonging to so-called family members in Luganville and fined them huge sums of money for illegal burial activities.

The new hearse is ready to provide service to the people in Luganville town.

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