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Minister of Education and Training Jean Pierre Nirua launches Year 14. Photo: Principal Barthelemy Ngwele

By Len Garae

“As the first ever students to enter the Pre University Centre of Luganville this year, you are all very special because it was as a result of your superior academic performance in your examination at the end of your Year 13, that as the Minister of Education and Training, i congratulate you and encourage you to again succeed in your examination at the end of this year, to qualify to enter the University of New Caledonia next year in 2019”.

Minister of Education and Training, Jean Pierre Nirua has made the statement at the historic launch of Year 14 in Luganville on Monday February 12, after Lycee Antoine de Bougainville followed by Lycee de Monmartre also in Port Vila.

Principal of Lycee de Luganville, Barthelemy Ngwele describes the achievement with joy saying his school has made history in Francophone academic institutions in the North by successfully accommodating Year 14 or Diplome d’Access aux Etudes Unerversitaires (DAEU).

He explains that DAEU is an advanced education programme which the Universite de la Nouvelle Caledonie (UNC) along with the French Government and Vanuatu Government have approved to cater for successful students of Lycee LAB in Port Vila.

“It is not easy for Francophone secondary schools to qualify to accommodate this pre university programme because there are stringent requirements that have to be met first in order to be considered,”Principal Ngwele explains.

“But we at the administration of the school and our teaching staff have worked tirelessly over the last two years to meet the standard required to convince the authorities to launch Year 14 at our school.”

Chairman of the School Council, Gaetan Abong joins the Principal to thank the hardworking teachers and administration of the school for their success story.

National Coordinator of DAEU, Harry Anthony has nominated senior teacher Jean Pascal Osca as the first Coordinator of Year 14 of Lycee de Luganville under the supervision of the school administration.

The Minister was accompanied on the day by Director Tertiary Education, Jean Marie Virelala and Political Appointees to the Ministry of Education and Training.

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