Minister Ralph Regenvanu presenting Tool Box documents to Nadao Youth leaders

Minister Regenvanu presenting tool box documents to the Nadao youth group.

By Godwin Ligo

Minister of Lands, Ralph Regenvanu, donated a tool box worth Vt30,000 to the Nadao members of the Nasituan Youth Association at Erakor, Efate on Wednesday.

Nasituan Youth Association Council president, Yusuf Nasamal, said this is not the first time that Port Vila MP and minister of Lands Regenvanu, assisted the unemployed youth members.

“We approached many other Members of Parliament (MPs) for this assistance but have always been turned away. So we looked to Minister Regenvanu once again, his response was “yes, I will help” and he did this as promised,” Nasamal said.

“The tool box will assist six Nasituan youth members who are currently undertaking mechanical and electrical courses at the VIT in Port Vila.” Four Nasituan youth studying at the VIT have completed their mechanical courses at VIT and will graduate on Wednesday. Two others undertaking electrical course will complete their courses in 2015.

At the handing over ceremony at Erakor half road minister Regenvanu said he is pleased to help with both the training of the unemployed youths and at the same time pave the way to start up small business in maintenance and becoming self-employed. He said this type of help is far more effective than donating food which once consumed will not have any effect in the long run and the youth expressed their gratitude to Regenvanu.

The 12 Nasituan Association member groups in Port Vila are growing as more young people have expressed their interest to become members.

“We are an officially registered NGO Organization with a Constitution and three fundamental principles to provide care and support to the unemployed youth, disseminate information to increase public awareness among the young people on issues affecting unemployed youths and advocate with every communities with the aim of eradicating criminal activities that are affecting the life of the youth in the communities and also develop strategies that assist to prevent youths involvement in illegal and unwanted social activities,” Nasamal said.

“Since its formation we began working closely with the Vanuatu Police Force in public awareness campaigns through music and other awareness programs among youths on the negative impacts of drugs usage, sexual offences and other unwanted social activities.”

It is their hope that other MPs will see the importance of the objectives of the Association and follow in the footsteps of the minister.

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