“Dr. Cham has found substances which can penetrate and kill cancer cells but can’t penetrate normal cells, so normal cells are untouched and unhurt while the cancer cells die! If anyone deserves as Nobel Prize in Medicine it’s Dr. Bill E. Cham.”

-          Jonathan Wright, MD, Medical Director, Tahoma Clinic & Tahoma Foundation, Tukwila, WA


In 1971, the U.S. Congress declared war against cancer. Forty plus years and trillions of dollars later, we are still facing a cancer epidemic with increasing numbers of cases each year. And, “every year there are more new cases of skin cancer than there are of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers combined,” states Dr. Bill E. Cham, award-winning scientist, renowned researcher, worldwide lecturer and author of Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science- The New Generation Cancer Treatment that Causes Cells to Commit Suicide.


Dr. Cham adds, “Most of those individuals are typically exposed to conventional treatment that uses the cut, poison and burn approach.” This typical treatment course of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to cut out poison and burn out the symptoms of cancer is not only a form of mutilation but it is associated with alarmingly low success.


Dr. Cham’s proven and successful research with the natural active ingredient BEC, found in plants like Devil’s Apple Plant and eggplant, cures skin cancer and possibly other types of cancer in the body without invasive measures.


Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science, the reader will see how the product composed of BEC, Curaderm  BEC5, is safe and very effective against skin cancers. Moreover, data is presented in the book showing that BEC holds tremendous potential for treating other terminal cancers.


Written to inform and educate, with vivid examples of lesions which have been eradicated, Dr. Cham’s explanations, research, treatment, treatment procedure and results are not only encouraging but his cure rates of 5 years free of cancer are even more hopeful.  Dr. Cham’s continues, “one of the most exciting recent reports suggest that BEC not only kills cancer cells in an unique manner, but BEC can also stimulate the immune system and protect the body from cancer.” Written in clear, understandable, textbook format, readers will learn groundbreaking information including:


·         The fundamentals of cancer: how it starts, causes environmental factors, how it is classified and the symptoms

·         Traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone, hormone therapy and radiation

·         The origin of cancer chemotherapy: where we are today, has it progressed and the side effects

·         BEC and exactly how it kills cancer cells in a different way than any other chemotherapies

·         Unparalleled detailed explanation of types of skin cancer and precancerous growths

·         Early detection of skin cancer

·         What is Curadem BEC5 and how it compares with the established treatment procedures for skin cancer.

·         The unknown facts about the sun’s role in skin cancer.

·         Extensive photo gallery of patients treated with Curadem BEC5 and the inspirational results.

·         Recent articles and abstracts of articles regarding  Dr. Cham’s amazing research with BEC and Curaderm.


*About the Author

Dr. Bill. E Cham, PhD holds degrees in Chemistry (University of Delft, The Netherlands), Biochemistry and a Doctorate in the School of Medicine (Queensland University, Australia).


The varieties of his chosen degrees have enables him to have a wide approach to research, exactly what was needed with the development of the BEC anticancer technology. This background has enables Dr. Cham to have an open mind and a non-tunnel vision to science.


He has published over 100 articles. His first book, the Eggplant Cancer Cure: A Treatment skin for Cancer and New Hope for other Cancers From Nature’s Pharmacy (2007) received worldwide attention and acclaim. He is the founder of Curaderm BEC5 and consults worldwide for Curaderm Global Ltd. He comes from the Caribbean Island of Aruba and has resided in the Netherlands for 6 years and in Australia for over 30 years where he conducts his ongoing research.


Dr Cham currently lives in the pristine Island of Vanuatu. REVIEW COPIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.


















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