Following the revelation early this week of amounts of money between Vt1 million and Vt500,000 deposited into bank accounts of certain Members of Parliament, the Green Confederation of Leader of Opposition, Moana Carcasses, through Port Vila Region’s Greens Coordinator, Paul Fred, has issued this response to the story.

“It is with great dismay that Vanuatu Greens had the surprise to read the article published in the Daily Post issue of this morning (Tuesday).

“We leave to our MP Carcasses the Court proceedings that need to be filed against this defamatory statement.

“Greens feel concerned also by the breaches of the bank secrecy by banks here acting unprofessionally and also leave to MP Carcasses lawyers to sue them.

“Nevertheless, cars are running and dogs as always bark at cars because they can’t drive.

“Greens wish to express support to MP Moana Carcasses, President of the Executive Commission, President of the Green Group in Parliament, former and next prime minister who has showed to be a great leader capable to look after the needs of his MPs, whether greens or associated to greens.

“Vanua’aku Pati mainly has stolen the country since independence self-feeding itself from the blood of the Nation: remember monopolies on rice and cement, remember acquisitions of public lands, remember deportations done simply to acquire assets,” Mr Paul Fred alleged in the statement.

He said the alleged action was done to the benefit of few.

“And they gain and fight for power always for these few people and leave the opposition MPs in the dark, without access to executive budget facilities to suit the needs of their voters.

“They did that right from the beginning when they refused eleven years long budget to the Moderate leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Vincent Boulekone.

“They want to be the only one at the table eating the meal thus inciting instability and changes of government for wrong reasons.

“Greens has therefore entered agreements with opposition MPs to make sure that two years before election, they can look after their people even if they are in the opposition.

“This is how a shepherd looks after the pasture to feed his sheep.

“Greens Executive Commission did forbid to MP Carcasses to pass personal agreements and to sponsor non supporting parties as he did before, even including VP members or congressists, GJP and other parties or supporters,” Fred continued.

He said the Greens is now looking after its own followers.

The Port Vila Greens Coordinator continued: “That is the reason why Greens has engaged itself in such agreements with all the moderates MPs that are associated to us towards the same ideal, whatever their party is.

“Government now is simply anxious that Moderates are now all federated and that the current PM doesn’t look after the needs of his backbenchers despite having control of the whole budget.

“Green reassures its supporters that we have engaged lawyers and accountants to structure our organization and that everything is done legally and in accordance with the wishes of our founding Father, Gérard Leymang.

“We then say to Government: don’t blame Carcasses for your own wrong, incomplete and selfishness,” Fred concluded as the political rhetoric heats up.


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