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Melip’s Sub Centre

After October 8th people from the region around Melip Village had two new reasons to celebrate MALAMPA Day this year.

The local community at Melip are probably the first to construct a Governmental South Coast Sub Station in Vanuatu.

At the same time as the regional headquarters was being built the community also built a new Aid Post with the help of Australian NGO, Leftemap Helt Mo Skul Vanuatu.

Mr Palen Ata, Malampa Provincial Planning, led the large delegation that included Area Council executives (including President, Mr. Robson Sole), local chiefs and other invited guests, to officially open the two new buildings to service the people of the local area.

Villagers and guests from across the south west coast witnessed the kustom welcoming, speeches, stone laying and ribbon cutting ceremonies for the new Provincial Sub Station and Aid Post.

Mr. Ata told locals that much development could be expected to flow from the opening of the Sub Station and how the local community should be proud of leading the way as Government decentralises in Vanuatu.

He also said that the Aid Post was the critical front-line of local health care, with early intervention helping to prevent the need to relocate for more intensive treatment elsewhere. A spokesperson for Leftemap remarked that the new Aid Post was completed under budget and in less than six weeks, and congratulated the Melip community for their unwavering support for the projects.

The ceremonies ahead of MALAMPA Day this year capped-off a busy 2013-2014 for the locals, since they have also completed a new school building at Melvorbang Primary School.

The concrete block/local timber structure includes two large classrooms and a library annexe to be used by students from Melip, Toman Island and Bwatbang.

The project at Melvorbang was also assisted with help from Leftemap, which works primarily on health and education infrastructure projects in remote areas of Vanuatu. The successful completion simultaneously of the three projects reflects the motivation and willingness for hard work by the local community.

The level of cooperation and support enjoyed by Leftemap has encouraged the NGO to investigate future options for aid projects in the local area. Leftemap Helt mo Skul Vanuatu can be contacted at

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