Lemur Island off Malekula on sale

Lemur Island off Malekula as featured on Private Islands Magazine online on sale Photo supplied

By Jonas Cullwick

An island off mainland Malekula, called Lenur Island, is up for sale, according to an advertisement on Private Islands Magazine online, the magazine printed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The lease for the 34-hectare big island is for 75 years and the asking price featured on the advertisement is $AUD850,000 (Vt70.85 million). However, the people or company selling the island is not identified.

The advertisement reads, “Lenur Island, pronounced Lanua Island and known as L’Amour Island by the local village elders is a gorgeous heart shaped coral island off the mainland of Malekula in Vanuatu. The island has three sandy beaches and there is a very sheltered deep water harbour that provides safe mooring — even during the 2015 Cyclone Pam.

“Enjoy the glorious sunsets over the island’s white sandy beaches from the deck of your own elevated bungalow. Snorkel all year round in the warm waters, and enjoy the spectacular coral reef life on your doorstep.

“There is a caretaker’s sleeping house with power connected and their own toilet and shower. A storage house and open kitchen area (13m by 13m) with refrigerator and power connected and a private bathroom with shower, toilet (septic tank) and laundry with washing machine. There are two separate traditional style king bed room thatched bungalows with ensuite, built on reinforced concrete floors with painted treated wooden frames and modern plumbing. There is a large rainwater tank 10,000 litres in addition to a well. Furthermore, there is a boat shed — 10m by 6m — which is under construction.

“The bulk of the island is covered in mature trees which are good for timber, as well as coconut trees, fruit trees (mango, soursop, banana, paw paw etc.) plus nut trees. Chickens roam freely and provide a source of meat and eggs. The caretakers manage a vegetable and fruit garden. There are land crab in abundance, as well as sea crab and lobster. Local fishing is excellent for tuna, wahu and mahi mahi.Small goods as well as pigs, beef and fish, can be purchased from nearby villages.

“The island is close to three villages — two villages on the opposite mainland, and the largest village on another island called Akam, which is about 5km to the east. There are ample willing sources of labour.

“There are regular domestic flights from both the Port Vila and the Santo International airports, flying to a choice of two local airstrips on Malekula.

From either local airstrips, there is access to the island by local outboard. Alternatively, the new owners would have the option of also purchasing the current owners’ recently refurbished 12m Aluminium Motor Cruiser. This is an Australian Flag vessel, fully imported into Vanuatu.

“Lenur Island is on the main supply ship transport route between the capital, Port Vila on Efate and Luganville, the main town on Santo. These transport ships can provide all manner of bulk supplies up to whole containers on landing barges. Mobile phone coverage, including data service, is available on the eastern side of the island. The island is available with a 75 year commercial tourism development lease (2007) which can be extended at any time.”

Name: Lenur Island

Region: Vanuatu, South Pacific

Location: off the mainland of Malekula

Development: Developed

Title: Leasehold

Type: Private Island

Price: AUD 850,000 convert

Status: For Sale

Size: 84.00 Acres / 33.99 HA

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: jonas@dailypost.vu. Cell # 678 5460922

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