Guests and students at Lenakel in the TVL

and ANZ booths in celebration of ICT Day.

For the first time Tafea Province has joined its colleague provinces, Shefa and Sanma to celebrate the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Day.

Over 300 students from the secondary and primary schools on Tanna, came together Wednesday morning at Lenakel Presbyterian College to celebrate this day.

The celebration included government officials, representatives from government organizations, NDMO, teachers and the two main sponsors to this celebration, Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) and the ANZ bank.

Those attending the event were told that Prime Minister Charlot Salwai said the government is doing its part to develop policies and establishing regulatory frameworks that ensure Vanuatu will continue to embark on technologies as a driving force to achieve the national vision.

The Government of Vanuatu also initiated the Right to Information Unit to implement the national right to information policy that was approved in 2013. This policy means that any person has the right to request and obtain access to information held by the government but also personal information that may be held by public and some private bodies.

Meanwhile, the president for Tafea Province, Jeffery Kout in his speech said ICT has become the vulnerable tool for boosting growth in the local economy.

He said ICT provides economic opportunities to both urban and local residents and makes the market work more efficiently. For example, retail shops in Lenakel may now order their cargo from the wholesalers in Port Vila through the use of mobile phones and arrangements of the shipments of the cargo to be shipped to Lenakel.

“This process has impacted on the reduction of costs of the process to bring in goods and provides opportunities for more savings.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the operators, both TVL and Digicel for providing that service in Tafea Province,” said President Kout.

President Kout said it is through the telecommunication networks that Tafea can connect globally.

The students, guests, teachers and participants enjoyed this day as they visited different booths for more explanations on this important day.

The celebration on Tanna ended at 4pm.

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