Leader warns against ‘sitting in limbo’

A community leader of Efate has called on the relevant authorities to consider setting in place relevant guidelines to discourage people sitting in limbo or lying down on the floor of the Municipal Stage on the Sea Front everyday.

The well-known leader who asks for anonymity says, “I would be most happy to see Ambaeans sitting on the Sea Front because they cannot return home but not those”, he says pointing at familiar faces.

“They should be doing something more worthwhile such as working to support their families”.

He insists that the seats all along the promenade are there specifically for visitors as well as ni Vanuatu families visiting.

The community leader says he welcomes people from the surrounding villages and islands of Efate who come to town for specific reasons and wait for their transports then leave as soon as they are ready. “But I am referring to the people that even you also see regularly along the Sea Front. They sit and stare aimlessly into the environment. I suggest that if they have nothing better to do it is better for them to stay home away from the elements to avoid risking unexpected occurrences regarding their health”, he advises.

He says a healthy Capital City is one where cleanliness is noticeable and people do not dress as if they have no clean clothes to wear.

“This all boils down to positive promotion of Port Vila as a Green Sandalwood City inhabited by the happiest people on the planet”, he says nodding his head.

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