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The Ministry of Education and Training in partnership with Commonwealth of Learning (COL) in Canada and the NoteMaster in London is launching for the first time an ICT Service Training/workshop called NoteMaster in Vanuatu.

The workshop will be taking place on March 20 – 24 at the Melanesian Hotel in Port Vila.

The National Education Program Coordinator at the Ministry of Education, Mr Glenden Ilaisa said that this is a free e-learning portal in association with Open Distant Learning Programme and activities.

“The New NotesMaster platform will be introduced in the above workshop to enable our participants to know and share the benefits, knowledge and how to use the NoteMaster service to benefit their school children throughout Vanuatu in the long run,” he said.

Mr Ilaisa said that the Notesmaster is a custom built e-learning platform using php symfony technology.

“This makes it scalable to the needs of the growing open school community, each NoteMaster website hosts relevant learning materials in tailored syllabus structures- They also provide easy access to a range of tools that help users create content for use in the classroom and this is complemented by unlimited space to store digital learning content online,” he said.

“We anticipate that this Notemaster workshop will be able to build up a free to use e-learning site for educational organizations/stakeholders, schools, teachers and students of both Primary and Secondary Schools in the country.”

“This ICT service will benefit our schools, teachers, and students at no costs for hosting, development, support or training and this NoteMaster training will form part of the global rollout of NoteMaster sites for Vanuatu as a complimentary aid to open schools- the syllabus can house content created by the participants during and after this workshop to benefit the users of NoteMaster services.

Mr Ilaisa said that participants of the training are from the Ministry of Education, Education Authority Directors of mission schools, teachers, training institutions such as VITE, Vanuatu Qualification Authority and Curriculum Unit will be attending the workshop.

“As this is an online tool, participants will be trained on how to access NoteMaster online and use it for studying and teaching purposes, for instance a teacher can be teaching at the same time studying a certain course using NoteMaster online and this will be handy in the education sector in Vanuatu,” he said.

“The sessions will focus on introducing NoteMaster platform, the creation and sharing of Open Education Resources and the creation of quizzes, then we will have a chance to recap at the end of every sessions.”

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