“The Ministry of Education and Training wants all teachers to value three important things, firstly, students should be taught to broaden their minds in learning, secondly, students need to use their hands while engaging their work and lastly, words imparted from teachers must reach into their hearts and be kept within as they set off into their learning journey.”

Those were the motivating words by Shefa and Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) representative, Jack Maite during the gathering of Adventist schools on Thursday 6th, to celebrate the initial opening of their Multipurpose Hall situated near Epauto SDA School.

The grand auditorium referred to as the Epauto Adventist Multipurpose Hall, located at Epauto grounds was built merely for all Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) to host church events, educational activities, ceremonial gatherings and sports events.

The Chairman of the committee, Timothy Jimmy, said the purpose of the auditorium is to provide a place for all SDA churches to gather and commune together. The Multipurpose hall is being looked after by Pastor Nos Terry and has its hiring price if ever any churches or institutes plan to use the hall to host their own programs.

A swarm of crowd gathered as the festive began on 8am, with the assembling of students from all attending SDA schools, which were Epauto, Maumau, Vila SDA, Olwie and Fokona.

Chairman Jimmy began his opening speech by welcoming and greeting the invited guests, schools and families and friends who came as spectators for the show.

Pastor John Leeman as the district pastor unsealed the programs with a devotion and gave encouraging words for the present students and teachers.

Enthusing and emboldening speeches were given by Epauto School’s Principal, Willie Luen and the invited guests, SDA Education Director Gilrick Joshua and representative of Shefa and the Ministry of Education and Training, Jack Maite. Other representatives include a Parent REP attendee.

Entertaining performances were presented on stage by Epauto students and teachers from the all SDA schools.

Education Director Joshua noted in his inspirational speech of the changes occurring around us and how it can improve a child’s learning in the future.

“Vatu has its value, spending it to accommodate for your child’s learning will benefit you in the future,” Joshua said.

“The choices you make for your child’s learning can bring in great influence to preparing your child’s future.”  

Shefa and MOET representative spoke of the value MOET has with the students in learning today.

“There should be no in-betweens during a child’s learning journey, you are either there or here, you can either be at home or at school but never in-between,” Maite said.

“If you’re at home then there should be things available for you to work on and if you’re at school, you have your own work to focus on.

“Coming together has less significance, speaking together can bring upon a change, but working together is guaranteed to be the key to success.”

He ended his remarks with special encouragements for students to always be serious and keen in their studies and to keep moving forward.

Lunches were served by tents pitched beside the auditorium and as well as the showcasing of crafts made and displayed by students. The programs grew on with more performances until 7pm in the evening.

“The idea of building and coordinating a new auditorium rose between all SDA schools as they come together to work as one,” Epauto principal Willie Luen said

“With one mission and one vision, we hope this new Multipurpose Hall sheds in more light for improvement in a child’s learning, to allow all schools to work together and to strengthen relationships in the future.”

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