Lakatoro New Police Post will design to represent Melanesian Culture

Lakotoro Police station will be similar to Henderson Provincial Police headquarters from the Solomon Islands

The New Provincial Police Station for Lakatoro, Malekula, was designed in a similar manner to the Henderson Provincial Police Headquarter in Solomon Islands.

The Henderson design is best cause it captures all the features that are functional and aesthetically pleasing and can be aligned with any modern Police Force structure throughout the Pacific.

Daily Post has obtained a copy of Vanuatu Lakatoro police project that states the cultural aspects of the new building is very important.

“Police stations need to be recognizable Police Stations representing the Government of Vanuatu and its people, all buildings need to include some degree of cultural interaction reflecting the different cultures of Vanuatu, it was stated in the Lakatoro police project.

This can be achieved through the use of natural materials and carvings into fixed components.

“Use of carvings on the front columns will be used to reflect cultural recognition of the Malampa Province and the carvings can also make a very effective entrance to the Police Station and it is hoped to get local community input in providing these columns,” it stated.

The project covers close to every aspect such as, health and safety on site, construction standards, environmental, disabled access, cyclone rating, fire fighting equipment, stations marking air flow through the building and more.

On June 19 Colonel Robson Iavro, Acting Commissioner of Police and the Deputy Australian High Commissioner to Vanuatu, Suzan Ryle, the President of Malampa Province, Norbet Ngban unveiled the plaque which marks the ground breaking of the new Lakatoro Police Station.

The Vanuatu-Australia Policing and Justice Program (VAPJP) is a four-year, nationwide program funded by the Australian Government and being implemented by Palladium International.

The program is designed to provide support for improved policing, justice and community services across Vanuatu.

VAPJP is providing a range of support to the Vanuatu Police Force including infrastructure maintenance, refurbishment and new buildings.

The Secretary General of Malampa, Kalwatsin Skepah said the police building will be relocated close to the main activity centre.

“The province has secured a land where the building will be built and at the moment the police station is up on the hill but with the new project it will be centered where there are more commercial activities and where movement of the people is more intense,” he said.

For Malampa Province this is a big step for future developments.

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