Mayor Sumptoh

Two officials from Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Ms Young Cha and Ms Kim Noh Kyoung announce the arrival of Korean volunteer doctors at a meeting with Lord Mayor Ulrich Sumptoh.

Doctors from Uslan Metro City in South Korea will provide the people of Port Vila with free medical service in Freswota and Anamburu tomorrow (Friday April 21).

Port Vila Lord Mayor Ulrich Sumptoh is appealing to members of the public and particularly elderly people outside the town area like at Namba tri, Seaside, Freswota to go to Freswota clinic.

“While I urge sick patients from the Northern Ward and Anamburu Ward to attend the Anamburu Park clinic where the Korean doctors are expected to provide the services,” Lord Mayor Sumptoh said.

Mr Sumptoh says many sick people may not have the privilege to be treated by highly qualified Asian doctors so he encourages citizens of Port Vila to capitalise on the opportunity this Friday.

The medical team from Uslan City comprises orthopaedics (branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles), paediatrics, general practitioners, dentists and even neurosurgery.

Two officials from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Australia came to visit the Port Vila Lord Mayor earlier this year and announced that Uslan Metropolitan City in South Korea wishes to dispatch a medical volunteer team to Port Vila.

Mr Sumptoh accepted the Cooperation Request and accelerated the process to bring in doctors from Korea.

The 15 members expected to arrive today will include, doctors, nurses, and officials from Uslan.

The following is the programme for the Uslan Metro City Medical Team free service.

8.30am~9am: Medical team arrives at the Freswota Clinic

9am sharp: The Free Medical Service starts.

12.30pm: The Free Medical Service ends at the Freswota Clinic.

12.30pm~2pm: The Medical team moves to Anamburu Park Clinic.

2pm~6.30pm: The Free Medical Service ends at the Anamburu Park Clinic.

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