The new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Korea to Vanuatu, Mr. Kwak Bum-Soo

By Glenda Willie

Korea would want to constitute a valuable source of a deepened friendship and a meaningful building block to go forward with Vanuatu.

The new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Korea to Vanuatu, Mr. Kwak Bum-Soo made the statement when he presented his Letter of Credence to Head of State Baldwin Lonsdale early this week.

He said there are possibilities that Korea might strengthen the main pillars of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of trade, investment, development cooperation and tourism.

“Establishment of conditions and environment favorable to both countries will help pave the way towards brighter future generations to come,” the Ambassador noted.

Ambassador Bum-Soo has also highlighted that there are a lot of potentials to be materialized between Vanuatu and Korea by identifying and addressing complementary fields. The Republic of Korea has been providing aid assistance to Vanuatu over the years.

These forms of assistance cover the following field such as information technology, telecommunication, forestry and agriculture.

In addition to those assistance, Republic of Korea also provides further support in terms of donation in the form of electronic equipment such as computers and vehicles to government offices for official use in delivering more services to the people of the Republic of Vanuatu.

Head of State Lonsdale has formally welcomed the Korean Ambassador and took the opportunity to express his sincere gratitude to the government and the People of the Republic of Korea for their ongoing support particularly in times of needs in order to improve and sustain the welfare of the people of Vanuatu.

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