Every single person must not spoil Vanuatu’s beauty by carelessly dumping rubbish, but should join efforts to stop littering.

“It is the responsibility of each one of us to keep our city, our homes, our streets, green spaces and our country clean and beautiful,” said Port Vila Mayor Albert Sandy.

This was the main message of the Port Vila Day celebration yesterday as delivered by the Mayor of Port Vila, Albert Sandy.

‘Keep Port Vila clean’ was the theme of the celebration.

Mayor Sandy made a special appeal to all business houses, community leaders, churches, civil society political leaders and youth to support the Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) maintain the beauty of Port Vila.

Part of this means every single person must be committed to changing the way they behave.

Littering starts from throwing out a drinking can or chewing gum out from the window of a taxi to dropping a plastic bag or leftover food while walking.

Mayor Sandy said: “As we celebrate we must not forget that Vanuatu is considered as a jewel in the south Pacific.

“We must unite and strive to remain the way we are,” he added.

Yesterday marks 43 years since the establishment of Port Vila Municipality.

The day is usually celebrated on November 29 every year with Unity Day. This year PVMC decided to separate Port Vila Day from Unity, to give prominence to each event.

Yesterday’s occasion started with a parade, followed with speeches from guest speakers. Entertainment was provided including some cultural dances, sports activities and string band competition.

The Mayor of Lifou and Dumbea City from New Caledonia, Acting Mayor of Honiara and Mayor of Luganville Town whom are sister-cities of Port Vila were invited to attend the event.

Port Vila Municipality is looking forward to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2025.

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