3,000 kava branches distributed on Pentecost

The Government, through the PHAMA Project funded by Australia and New Zealand, is distributing Borogu kava branches on Pentecost as part of the kava replanting programme.

Biosecurity Director, Timothy Tumukon who is currently on Pentecost says this is not the first time for such programme to encourage kava replanting.

He says the PHAMA project arranged to pay for kava branches from big farmer plantations on Pentecost.

Over 3,000 branches were distributed to farmer groups in North, Central and South Pentecost.

Tumukon said only Borogu variety is targeted as it is a noble variety and is best suited for Pentecost.

He said a similar arrangement will be made for the Banks islands in Torba Province.

The noble variety of kava of the Banks islands, which is kerwiswisket will be used as it is suited to the conditions of the islands.

The project also targets Tanna island to ensure farmers diversify and not only focus on coffee and sandalwood.

The Director of Biosecurity says kava is currently the green gold for Vanuatu.

He said it will be flooding the market in the next three to four years but Tumukon says he cannot say the price will drop or will keep going up.

He however says there is a huge demand of kava in Vanuatu and beyond the shores of Vanuatu around the world.

PHAMA is a project that focuses on assisting with improving market access, particularly for export.

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