JICA bids farewell to two volunteers, welcomes five

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Vanuatu Office has bid farewell to two of its volunteers, while welcoming five new volunteers to the country.

JICA volunteers usually have their period of assignments for two years with their agencies before they return back to their home country.

The two volunteers who are leaving have been serving Vanuatu for two years, namely, Mr Keigo Tsuchiya who was attached with the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) and Ms Yoshino Higa, a Primary school teacher at the Santo East Primary School in Luganville.

Tsuchiya has been conducting many tournaments around Vila and rural areas around Efate for the past two years. Initially requested by the Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) for the capital ward tournaments, his arrival saw ward tournaments stopped so Keigo started going to the VFF to help out with the federation’s programs.

Since then he has been in the organizing team for the Under 12 program around Efate, Under 15 and the Port Vila day organizing committee organized by the PVMC.

Ms Higa has been teaching Mathematics to Primary school students at Santo East School for two years. At the commencement of her assignment in 2016 in Santo East, her analysis indicated that the overall student performance for mathematics was low. At the end of her assignment in June 2018, she was able to analyse the overall result, which revealed a big improvement. For a student to understand in-depth topics of Mathematics they must know the basic operations well.

She teaches basic operation calculations which include addition, subtraction and multiplication. Each day, the students do the 100 Maths calculations. She believes that students will be better in this subject if they practice a lot.

She also does co-teaching with the teachers, this allow teachers to learn new teaching methods. Ms Higa says if students want to acquire best results and improvement in mathematics they must continuously practice every day. Teachers must also do the same and support students in practicing their calculations every day.

JICA wishes to thank the Vanuatu Government and the counter-part agency for their support towards the volunteer program.

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