The ‘No Plastik Bag,Plis’ Movement will be hosting the screening of the ‘Inside the Garbage of the World’ tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at the Fondation Suzanne Bastien, Pango Road.

One of the initiators of the movement, Mr Georges Cumbo said that since the launching of the ‘No Plastik Bag,Plis’ petition online, there were more than 4000 followers online and a 1000 plus people who signed the petition online.

“There’s more than 700 people who have signed the paper so that gives a total of more than 2000 people who have signed the petition in the fight to manage our trash,” he said.

“The petition was addressed to the Vanuatu government and the two municipalities in the country.”

Filmmaker and Producer of the outstanding documentary , Mr Philippe Carillo said that he was asked to make the film to backup the movement.

“The film is to make viewers understand the whole scope of the ‘No Plastik’ movement and it’s very educational about the damages the act of dumping rubbish into the ocean and the effects it has in our lives and that of our future generation,” he said.

“’Inside the Garbage of the World’ tells the story about plastic pollution inside the oceans rising to a frightening level to human safety-without urgent action the horrid momentum will worsen dramatically.”

Mr Carillo said that there are five places in the Pacific featured in the film and the main objective of potential health problems the plastic in the ocean can cause.

“Health is now important because our food chain is being poisoned in an unprecedented fashion,” he said.

“When plastics degraded they release chemicals and can cause heart problem and hormone imbalance when people consumed seafood.”

“There will be a Q&A session after the screening on Wednesday evening where Georges and I will be there to answer the queries and we can all come up with solutions to this issue that is affecting countries worldwide and help keep Vanuatu free and clean from plastic pollution.”

The film features prominent leaders, scientists and experts who share their experiences and research in this ‘controversial and hard-hitting’ documentary.

Mr Cumbo reiterated that the activity will start at 5pm with food, drinks and kava for sale and kick start the screening at 6pm.

“Fondation Suzanne Bastien is also part of the movement as it has held an exhibition about plastic pollution last year and will hold the second edition of the exhibition in October,” he said.

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