Information system for national scholarships unit

The national scholarships unit has been subjected to constant criticisms, complaints and grievances.

Every year parents, students and the public try to reach authorities but face difficulty in getting needed information.

The lack of an information management system continues to hinder better decision making. However, things will now improve as the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has announced a solution.

This solution is the development of a Student Information Management System that will provide information needed to manage the scholarships efficiently and effectively.

This will help the Training and Scholarships Unit (TSCU) to improve decision making over administrative matters, the Minister of Education, Jean Pierre Nirua, said this when he put pen to paper to sign the contract for Computer Network Services Ltd (CNS) to start developing the system.

CNS is hired to create the data system at a cost of Vt4.5 million.

Minister Nirua said the system will provide accurate and timely information for the public on scholarship matters.

Grievances against scholarship accumulated since the past years. Minister Nirua said its high time to make improvements and fix the problem.

Capacity building was outlined as a need by TSCU during a recent visit paid by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to the MOET.

In the discussions, PSC made the proposal for the ministry to create a student management information designated to keep a record on all Ni-Vanuatu that have and are undertaking scholarship studies.

This information system will be able to be accessed by the public including PSC who will be rolling out an intensive program to help create jobs for graduates after graduation.

This intensive program aims to address the unemployment rate among graduates therefore, keeping a record on the number of graduates is essential.

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) is assisting the MOET and CNS to develop the Student Management Information System. OGCIO will also be closely monitoring the system’s implementation.

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