Second hand vehicle from South Korea

Second Hand vehicle from South Korea Photo supplied

By Godwin Ligo

Internal Affairs Minister, Alfred Maoh, confirmed to local media that the Government intends to ban the import of second hand vehicles, particularly from South Korea.

He said the reason for this is, because it has come to the knowledge of the Government that second hand imported vehicles, particularly from South Korea, stay on the road for short period, then go through more repair and maintenance, causing owners to spent more money on repair than making profit for those running business services.

This is where some, if not many second hand vehicles, face difficulties when going through required road worthiness inspections because of the state they are in, being second hand vehicles and as the Minister Maoh said, especially from South Korea.

The minister also stressed that the government will be tightening up on traffic rules including; public transport that require drivers not to be under the influence of alcohol when driving vehicles while carrying passengers, use of mobile phones when driving, no cigarette smoking while driving passengers. He said the regulations governing these will be tightened up and the introduction of the breathalyzer is one of them, once parliament passes the bill in November 2017.

“Every drivers of all vehicles whether public or private will need to take the test to ensure they (all drivers) understand all traffic signs and must comply with these, otherwise they could have their license confiscated for failing to understand traffic signs,” Minister Maoh states.

He calls on all drivers whether public or private to cooperate with the Vanuatu Police Force and the government to avoid unnecessary road accidents, especially with the current upgrading and improvement of road conditions in Port Vila.

Minister Maoh confirmed that a new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed to manage a unit dealing with Public Transport and vehicle matters and issues. He said the new CEO will liaise closely with the Vanuatu Police Force and all relevant government authorities to ensure all drivers comply with traffic rules and requirements for all public safety.

In the coming days and weeks, the minister will continue to update the general public of Vanuatu on the changes and developments in all departments and institutions under his ministry.

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