ID Cards For Kava, Alcohol Consumers

Minister for Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh, has revealed that the introduction of Identification (ID) Cards will apply to alcohol as well as kava consumers to curb underage consumers.

He said that laws on alcohol consumption will be tightened to ensure better control of sale of liquor as well as the consumption of the same.

He added that Kava drinkers will also an require ID card when visiting kava bars.

He clarified that only a certain age group will be permitted into night clubs and to purchase alcoholic beverages, but those not within the prescribed age will be prohibited from entering night clubs nor purchase alcoholic beverages and the consumption of alcohol.

On kava, Minister Maoh explained that the reason for kava consumers to carry ID on them is because many young people abuse kava consumption when they are too young to drink kava.

At the same time the Minister for Internal Affairs said some parents use their sons to frequent nearby retail shops to buy alcoholic beverages for them to consume, after drinking kava and likewise in using their children-mainly young sons to buy cigarettes for them, sometimes late in the evening.

This, the Minister said, robs the children’s time from their school homework and precious time supposed to be spent at home with families.

On the question of policing these rules, the minister said the bills on these will be going before Parliament in November of this year and will spell out clearly how they will be enforced so as to be effective to meet objectives of such laws.

The minister said social problems and crimes related to alcohol and kava consumption is on the rise and something must be done to bring these under control, hence the ID cards Bill that will be tabled in Parliament in November of this year.

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