One of the Sub-Committees on Santo

One of the Sub-Committees on Santo

The Iauko Group political party is expanding its wings in Sanma Province, according to the party new regional president, Stanley Paul.

The party has set up 50 sub-committees throughout Santo Island, including one sub-committee in Lugnaville town.

With Iauko Group MPs moving to other political party, the members decided to set up a new executive committee for the Sanma Province, hence Stanley Paul, elected recently as the new President of the Iauko political group in the Sanma Province including the Luganville town.

“Those of us who remained faithfull with the party, decided last year to revitalize the Iauko Group political party, hence the coming together of many of us here in Santo with subsequent set up of the party new Executive for the Sanma Province. As we enter the New Year 2019, the party announces that it now has 50 sub-committes throughout the Island of Santo, including the Luganville town,” Paul announced.

He vowed that with the new Executive in Sanma Province, the party focused on 2020 national elections.

“We are preparing for the 2020 general elections. We are sure that we the Iauko political group will elect one candidate into the national parliament in 2020. We are not hopeful, we have the numbers and wish to assure the party supporters in Santo and Luganville of one seat in parliament after 2020,” he said.

Paul has been nominated by the new executive to run for parliament in 2020.

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