Chairman of La Francophone Day, Gaetan Ruru

Chairman of La Francophone Day, Gaetan Ruru

By Godwin Ligo

Vanuatu is amongst the 222 million French speaking nationals from all professions and walks of life in 80 countries around the globe that are participating in over a month-long activities in the 2017 World Francophone Day.

In fact the activities of the La Francophone Day in Vanuatu already began at the beginning of March and will continue to the end of April 2017.

The 2017 La Francophone Day, targets the Secondary and the Tertiary students at schools, but also allows those who are now in employment undertakings as well as anyone who wishes to participate to take part.

The Chairman of the Francophone Day 2017, who is also the contact person for La Francophone throughout the World, Gaetano Ruru, said the English Speaking Ni-Vanuatu are also part of the programs and activities, because he said, Vanuatu is a one of the only privileged Bilingual countries in the world.

“Many Ni-Vans, you will come across, are bilingual and today students in French and English Schools take either language as a subject taught in class.

“Furthermore, French and English are both official languages of Vanuatu as enshrined in our national constitution,” said Ruru.

Some of the main features of the 2017 La Francophone Day are; Poems, written French language, and more that will be judged at the end of the La Francophone Day at the end of April, 2017.

Another theme for the La Francophone Day which applied during last week’s panel discussions was “Work and Communicate in French Language”.

The Minister of Education who is a Francophone but professionally commands both French and English, Jean Pierre Nirua, was the first to be interviewed on the national television about the importance of the French language locally and internationally.

The second round of panel discussions last week, included the chairman of the local Vanuatu Francophone Day, Gaetan Ruru, and an Advisor in the French Embassy in Port Vila, Louis Arsac, and Jacques Gideon, who is the Secretary of the Public Service Commission, and Madam Arienne Naliupis, Lecturer at the VITE.

Other Committee members include; Alliance Francais, AUF, French Embassy, Lycee Lab, Monmarte College, Education Department, Lycee Francais, USP, VITE and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Chairman of the 2017 Francophone Day, Gaetan Ruru, explains that the Francophone Day, is not just limited to the Secondary Tertiary education but the French primary schools as well and across the country, as he also encourages the English speaking Ni-Vanuatu to participate because this is a bilingual country, he said.

The National Correspondent of the French Speaking Language in Vanuatu, Ruru, said Vanuatu must be proud to encompass both French and English as the official languages of Vanuatu and therefore, he wants to encourage and see as far and wide participation in the 2017 La Francophone Day.

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