Host communities in Ambrym may lack water: NEOC

Host communities in north Ambrym may not have enough water for evacuees. Assessment report confirmed ash fall is only experience in north Ambrym

Families in Ambrym who will be relocated from their homes because of the volcano eruption are expected to face water challenges in the host communities.

The most immediate need for evacuees is water but host communities may not have enough water to support affected communities, according to the latest report from the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC).

Affected families who are now resettling at Ulei are expected to be relocated to Moru, the people of Ulei to Taveak, Sameou and Asse to Endu, Mbosung and Paamal School to Senai School and Roromai School to Endu.

The community of Ulei will evacuate to Taveak but Ulei Airport and the National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV) Branch will operate.

The report from the NEOC conveyed that the Malampa Provincial Emergency Operational Centre (PEOC) is working with humanitarian partners and the cluster groups to evacuate people from the affected villages of Paamal, Ulei, Sameou and Asse including Mbosung, Paamal and Roromai School.

Registration at Ulei Evacuation Centre is ongoing.

Ulei School is accommodating around 35 families who have lost their homes to earthquakes related to the volcano eruption.

Though no major earthquakes have been experienced in the past weeks, there are some geological changes on land and sea that needs to be confirmed by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD), Ambrym disaster situation report conveyed.

This report from NEOC confirmed that ash fall is only experience in north Ambrym and there is no disease outbreak.

The Ambrym onsite Emergency Operation Centre has been established and is being coordinated by two NDMO officers and Malampa Province.

NDMO and Malampa PEOC are coordinating humanitarian response in southeast Ambrym.

The government and Red Cross has distributed water, food supplies, hygiene kits, tarpaulins, Jerry cans and clothing for the affected people.

The Malampa Provincial Government Council (MPGC) has also donated some food items for the victims.

RVS Tukoro recently departed Port Vila with seven drums of fuel for the operation in southeast Ambrym.It left with members of the second assessment team from the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Cluster, Food Security, Education, Gender and Protection, Security, Telecommunication and VMGD.

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