High level segments on climate this week

First week of the global climate talks has passed. Fruitful negotiations still underway and the high levels segment is scheduled tomorrow (Wednesday) . Seen in photo is the main conference venue of the high-levels segment at Bula Zone

By Anita Roberts

A lot of meetings have been happening in parallel at the global climate talks in Germany.

The first week has passed and soon it will be time to come up with new agreements relating to the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The schedules at the two main conference venues: Bula Zone and Bonn Zone in the first week were very busy.

While climate negotiators are convening to discuss items, science professionals/innovators, local authorities, civil society and the business community were presenting their climate initiatives and projects. All with the common understanding of saving the planet, our home.

Another week has started. Negotiations are still underway with a lot of side events happening and so many people are passing through venues. The high levels segment will be officially open tomorrow, Wednesday.

There will be a heavy presence of politicians, dignitaries and other senior government officials such as heads of states and prime ministers at the main plenary hall of the world climate conference centre at the Bula Zone.

This is when parties will deliver their statements. The head of the government, Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, will be delivering a statement for Vanuatu.

Once the negotiations end, the 197 parties of the UNFCCC will be finalizing agreements regarding the future of the Paris Agreement. The world will be agreeing on how it would cooperate to combat climate change.

Dialogues will be carried out between parties as well as UNFCCC bodies and will encourage implementation of existing Paris Agreements.

Negotiations are carried out under negotiating bodies.

Vanuatu and Pacific countries came together to form a larger group, which is Small Islands Developing (SID) nations.

Pacific countries will continue to call onto developed countries with big coal campaniles to take aggressive actions on phasing out fossil fuels in order to meet the international target of cutting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

The entire Pacific island countries are closer to being swallowed by rising sea level and will likely be maintaining their stand on banning fossil fuels to meet the international target. SID nations are considering climate financing, loss and damage as part of their recommendations.

COP23 is scheduled to be closed this coming Friday, November 17.

This year’s negotiations will be tabled in the 24 sessions of the Conference to Parties (COP24) to the UNFCCC in Poland next year.

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