Heated exchange between PhD graduate and PSC Chairman

Round-two of a heated exchange between PhD graduate Dr. Andrina Thomas and Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman, Martin Mahe, has revealed new information regarding Muriel Meltenoven, the Commissioner of Labour.

The common denominator in what started out as a humble inquiry turned accusation, is Mrs. Muriel and her appointment to the position of Commissioner of Labor.

Dr. Andrina applauded the government for placing a female in the position of authority but questioned the basis of the appointment, dubbing it as a product of corruption.

“When it comes to crime and corruption, we do not entertain crime and corruption, regardless of whether it involves the appointment of a female or a male,” Dr. Thomas sternly said.

Mrs. Meltenoven responded with – “I do not have to answer to Jenny Ligo or Dr. Andrina Thomas.

"I have nothing against Dr Thomas or Mrs Ligo and don’t know what their problem is.

"If Dr. Andrina is not happy about my appointment then she should follow the proper steps to address the issue but to come out to the media is just childish.”

However, a fact that both Mr. Mahe and Dr. Andrina both agree upon is that Mrs. Muriel was part of the initial panel in May 2018, whereby Dr. Andrina was shortlisted for the Labor Commissioner position but was unsuccessful.

That being said, Mr. Mahe added that other candidates were also unsuccessful, so the PSC (without the knowledge or influence of Mrs. Meltenoven), transferred Mrs. Meltenoven to the vacant position on an acting basis.

Mr. Mahe explained: “It was the decision of the Commission to appoint her as the Acting Commissioner of Labour, she’s been there for six months, this is where she applied for the position.

"We make sure the questions and panel are totally different, because she’s been there last year on the panel, you can see everywhere in the public service, anyone who is acting will apply for the position.”

Academically, Dr. Thomas would seem like the best fit for the position, having a PhD in Economics while Mrs. Meltenoven carries a Degree-in-Law, but the PSC Chairman simply said “she (Dr. Thomas) wasn’t recommended”.

The PhD graduate from Santo is convinced that her interview in May last year, gave Mrs. Meltenoven an enormous advantage during her interview later, since she listened to a PhD scholar, answer first-hand.

Due to the Commissioner of Labour being unwilling to comment further on the colorful accusations by Dr. Thomas, Mr. Mahe stated that if a clarification was needed, Mrs. Ligo and Dr. Thomas should have approached the Office of the PSC, and they would have been given sufficient evidence.

In the meantime, PSC has submitted criminal charges against Mrs. Ligo and Dr. Thomas for criminal defamation and unlawful discrimination.

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