Minister Norris Jack Kalmet visits Melemaat and Mele villages

Minister of Health Norris Jack Kalmet (2nd from r) with Chief Simeon Poilapa and former MP Foster Rekom (3rd and 4th from r respectively).

By Jonas Cullwick

 Minister of Health, Jack Norris visited his supporters at Melemaat Village and Mele villages last Friday during which he presented them Vt300,000.

The Minister was accompanied by the First Political Advisor, the Private Secretary to the Minister and the Second Political Advisor.

The Chairman of the UMP Subcommittee, Mr Daniel Frank gave the welcome speech followed by the speech of the Hon Minister. The Minister handed over Vt150,000 as MP allocation to the Chairman of the UMP Subcommittee.

The Minister emphasized that it is important that his voters see and touch the MP allocation. In the past MPs would donate materials only, but the voters never saw and touched an MP allocation. The Minister is also funding a community sanitation facility project. Since independence, it is the first time that an MP is funding a public toilet and bathroom facility to service the Melemaat community. Refreshment was served and the ceremony closed with a prayer from Pastor John Reman of the SDA Church.

At 5.00 pm, the minister visited his supporters at Mele Village. More than 300 people gathered on that occasion. The minister was welcomed by a custom dance. A custom ceremony was performed by the Paramount Chief, Chief Simeon Poilapa to welcome him in the nakamal. The welcome speech was given by former MP Foster Rekom. Minister Norris delivered a speech and assured his continuous support to the voters in Mele Village. He donated Vt150,000 as part of the MP allocation to the community.

The chairman of the UMP subcommittee, Mr James Poilapa thanked the minister and his delegation for the visit and reassured him of the increased support towards the 2020 general election.

The committee requested two 10,000 litres water tank. Before he was elected as an MP, the minister had funded a water project for 700,000 vt. That included pipes, fittings and other accessories to supply water to the homes in Mele. The two water tanks will be an extension of the water supply project so that water can be stored to supply the residents.

The function ended with a kava ceremony and dinner.

On Tuesday 15th May 2018, the Health Minister donated Vt50,000 to the community in Erakor Bridge to answer to the needs of some families.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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