Head of State welcomes High Commissioner of Malaysia to Vanuatu

The new High Commission of Malaysia to Vanuatu, Jilid Kuminding (front) at the State House yesterday morning.

The Head of State, Baldwin Lonsdale, has formally welcomed the new Malaysian High Commissioner to Vanuatu, Jilid Kuminding, yesterday morning.

As he presented his letter of Credentials, the new High Commissioner of Malaysia took the opportunity to convey Head of State Yang Di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia’s personal greetings to the President.

“Since the establishment of diplomatic relations on 5 April 1983, Malaysia and Vanuatu continue to enjoy a warm and close friendship based on mutual respect, understanding and cooperation,” High Commissioner Kuminding remarked.

He continued, “Both Malaysia and Vanuatu are developing countries and it is important for developing countries to establish greater cooperation at regional and international arena especially to jointly address cross cutting challenges.

“We belong to the Asia-Pacific region and we share common ideals and aspirations. Our friendship has been nurtured and strengthen through years of our common membership in the United Nations, the Non Aligned Movement and Commonwealth.”

In his response, President Lonsdale admitted that the presentation of Credentials has assured the two countries of the confidence which Head of State, Yang Di-Piertuan Agong, has for Malaysia and Vanuatu to continue this diplomatic relationship.

While he acknowledged that both Malaysia and Vanuatu are developing countries the Head of State noted that Vanuatu is smaller in almost every aspects. A few he named included demography size, financial base, natural resources, and export products.

“Having such a bigger partner in the Asia Pacific region has indeed contributed to the development of our island nation states, as reflected in your presentation remarks”.

President Lonsdale assured the New High Commissioner of Malaysia of the Government’s support and assistance wherever or whenever needed.

He concluded, “It will be in this spirit that we will work together to promote Peace in the region, International peace, security and harmony within out regions. May you enjoy the beauty of these islands and may your stay here be a memorable one for you and your family”.

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