G-Vehicle Moh

The Public Service Commission believes that the use of GPS tracking system on government vehicles has reduced the cost of repairs by Vt13 million unlike in the past where vehicles such as this one were misused and damaged then public funds are used for repair. 

The GPS tracking system for government vehicles has helped to save Vt13 million in vehicle repairs and maintenance cost from January to October this year alone.

The Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC), Martin Mahe, revealed this figure when he was questioned on how effective the GPS system is managing the government vehicle fleet since it seems to the public that the misuse of official vehicles will never stop despite the measure in place.

Mahe explained that the GPS system was introduced to track and collect data on the activity of all government vehicles when used by employees but will not reduce the risk of accidents.

“GPS is just a tool to help the government become more effective in managing its vehicle fleet and to reduce fuel operating costs.

“It is the responsibility of the drivers employed by the government departments and ministries to use the vehicles in a safe manner.

“It means that drivers must avoid accidents and follow PSC regulations while driving.

“GPS can be very instrumental for discipline after an accident,” he said.

The Chairman of PSC as employer of all civil servants was sought to give his remarks following recent alleged misuse of several G-vehicles in Port Vila, which led to the suspension of two government officers last week.

The GPS system was also attributed to addressing unnecessary spending of public fund, according to Mahe.

He said these G-vehicles when damaged in accidents can cost the government very big money for repair therefore, installing GPS will improve driver’s behaviour on the road thus save millions that can be diverted to meeting other essential services.

The Vt13 million saving from repairs and maintenance of this year will benefit the government, he added.

In terms of whether the GPS tracking system has helped save money on fuel, data released to PSC revealed that during the same period “Vehicles’ Fuel expenditures overspent its total budget by Vt14.4million while Additional Vehicle and Vehicle Replacement significantly overspent their total budget by Vt26.9million and Vt26.4million respectively”.

The GPS system targets 300 G-vehicles assigned to all government departments and ministries.

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