The Office of Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, in a statement alleged it is aware that certain Opposition Leaders are contacting certain private business people here in the country and asking them to donate funds towards coercing and securing Government backbenchers to vote against the Government in the coming motion of no confidence by misleading the private business people that the Opposition has the numbers.

“All are advised that whilst in government, the current Opposition passed a law which makes it a criminal offence to bribe or coerce Members of Parliament using monetary or other means.

“The Prime Minister’s Office would like to advice that such reports shall be thoroughly investigated and if found to be true, both the Member of Parliament involved and the expatriate business involved shall be charged with bribery and corruption and incitement to commit mutiny with the intention to facilitate instability.

“This Government will not tolerate improper and inappropriate practices to change government and interference in the political arena by non-Ni Vanuatu shall not be tolerated.

“The Republic of Vanuatu has law in place to govern the conduct of the country’s affairs and these laws must be allowed to prevail,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said.

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