Gov't committed to collecting outstanding revenue

Finance Minister Gaetan Pikioune

The Government has set a target and stepped up efforts to collect the over Vt1 billion outstanding revenue owed by government departments.

“50% of the Vt1.6 billion of the government’s outstanding revenue will be collected by the end of 2018,” an optimistic Minister of Finance, Gaetan Pikioune, told Daily Post.

Minister Pikioune said the Revenue Collection Task Force which was established under his ministry is stepping up efforts to meet this target, collecting all government outstanding revenues going back years after independence.

“The Revenue Task Force I have appointed to do the job have been doing excellently well, and I am pleased with this,” said Minister Pikioune.

“I am also very pleased with the efforts put in by the Customs and Inland Revenue Department officers for the efforts on their part to apply compliance rules where applicable by law to ensure outstanding revenues are collected.”

The Finance Minister said Urban and Rural Lands outstanding revenue is accountable for Vt700 Million outstanding revenue, followed by Ports and Harbour and 53 government departments.

A Special Report on the government’s outstanding revenue of Vt1.6 billion was presented in parliament during the recent sessions by the Parliamentary Secretary for Government Revenue, MP Bruno Lengkon.

Following the report, the Minister of Finance acted swiftly to appoint a Special Task Force for the collection of all uncollected government revenue spanning over decades.

“I am pleased that the mechanism set up by the Revenue Rask Force for all government uncollected revenue is proving effective. We should see 50% of all government uncollected revenue collected by the end of December 2018,” Finance Minister Pikioune said with confidence.

Minister Pikioune said the article carried by the Daily Post on local businessmen taken to court for failing to comply with VAT laws, helps to send the message to everyone who ignores or fails to comply with VAT and other similar legislations.

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