The Opposition was supposed to lodge a motion of no confidence against PM Joe Natuman Tuesday afternoon, but Parliament has been suspended until next Monday.

Government backbenchers not entitled to G-plated vehicles are driving them around Port Vila, while Prime Minister Natuman has asked the Police to investigate Opposition MPs that allegedly received “bribe” money.

The government expects that by Monday next week Police should have completed their investigation.

And the Opposition is expected to deliver a non-confidence motion on Natuman before next week.

If Police complete their investigations by then, can the government ask Parliament to suspend the MPs that allegedly received “loan” money?

But what about the MPs that support PM Natuman and are driving around cars paid by the taxpayers, but they are not entitled to drive. Will they get punished?

By Thursday next week, both the government and Opposition should know if they have the majority to dictate to Parliament their desire.

Now some political parties in government are complaining quietly that only one main political party is benefiting from the current status quo, while a few in Opposition have second thoughts on who should be PM.

But the ongoing tug of war between the government and opposition is sadly no longer about ideologies and beliefs, but power and money.

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