Every child, whether an amputee or a disabled with special needs, deserves the fundamental right to quality education.

Young Thomas Maliwan from Tanna lost both his forearms and wrists in a tree climbing accident back in 2017.

Nonetheless, the tragedy did not stop him from pursuing his educational needs.

Now in class 5 attending Goodwill School, the 12-year-old has received a lot of support from his peers and most importantly, from a non-profit organisation called E-nable New Caledonia South Pacific Association.

E-nable Association was created in 2016, with the mission of bestowing smiles to each child with a disability by offering them a personalised prosthetic limb constructed by a 3D printer.

President of E-nable, Jean Christophe Turcon is leading the operation along with his team of 12 members with the same objective, that is, to give Thomas a chance to use both his hands again, using prosthetic limbs created by Japanese technology — the Hackberry Project, which can be controlled though muscle movements and vocal commands.

“Our goal since day one is to find a convenient solution to Thomas’ situation so we can reawaken his needs to write, to move, to touch and to thrive and make the most of his days with his new bionic hands,” said Mr. Turcon

Goodwill Principal Charlie Morrison commented the association has helped in so many ways, “giving the young boy hope, for a second chance”.

“E-nable has supported the school by donating special computers for children with disabilities,” he said.

“They also designed a structural way of writing for Thomas, a simple way of strapping a pen to his elbow so he can write, though it’s a quick fix for the time being as they work on the Hackberry project.”

The Association will also fund Thomas’ travel expenses to New Caledonia, where they can fully operate on creating his artificial hands and teach him how to handle the new technology.

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