The International Telecommunications Union is a UN body whose job it is to coordinate global telecommunications.

In a significant vote of confidence, this year the organisation chose Vanuatu as the venue for one of its signature events, the Global Symposium for Regulators.

Digicel Vanuatu CEO Ben Kealy is one of the many stakeholders who have pulled out the stops to assist.

The company pulled an additional half kilometre of fibre cable to the Warwick Le Lagon resort, where the event is being held.

On top of that, they installed an ad hoc tower to improve 4G service on the grounds of the hotel.

Thanks to a generous donation of 200 Megabits in additional internet bandwidth from Interchange Ltd, attendees will have access to eye-watering download speeds.

An impromptu test at the conference yesterday showed an amazing 124 Megabits per second in bandwidth over the conference wifi.

Digicel’s contribution to the event totals over VT4 million—about AU $50,000.

They were happy to assist when requested by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, said CEO Ben Kealy.

Conference-goers, who represent regulatory agencies from around the world, will discuss how to get the remaining unconnected half of the world’s population connected.

Some at least will be arguing that internet would be more affordable if everyone were paying their fair share. Representatives from Facebook and other internet behemoths are present at the conference, no doubt with a finger in the regulatory wind.

It is anticipated that keeping social media and other massive content producers accountable will be a major theme during the conference.

Security is tight at the venue, and the entire Le Lagon resort has temporarily been made UN territory. Visitors and attendees are required to register and obtain identification in the Le Lagon reception area before proceeding to the venue.

While a few side activities have already got under way, formalities will commence this morning, beginning at 09:00.

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