German Mechanical Engineer, Firina ,was in Vanuatu last week fulfilling a childhood dream, after seeing the name of the Republic on the internet.

She admires ni-Vanuatu families for “sticking together” saying in Europe, family is just another word. When their children become old enough, they leave home to start fending for themselves.

My family and I were on a water taxi heading for Emua Wharf in North Efate when the mobile phone in our captain’s shirt pocket rung.

“Ok”, Tarisu agreed into the mobile then smiled his knockout smile and said, “Sori bae yumi go blo pikimap wan pasenja bakegen blo hemi kasem plen lo Vila lo tis evening (I apologise we have to pick up a passenger (at Piliura, Pele Island) who is catching the plane this evening)”.

It was low tide and Firina, 41, had to wade for about 50 metres to join us in the boat. One of us had to walk ashore to help carry her things.

After introducing herself, she admitted it was the longest distance she had walked bare foot in the sea to catch a boat.

Virina is one lucky German who worked for a company in her city for eight years.

“The company I worked for paid its staff a lot of money when it closed so I decided to fulfill my dream and come here to find Vanuatu,” she smiled.

She simply loves the weather and ni-Vanuatu and mixes without any problem.

“I am leaving for New Caledonia this evening then go to Australia then return to Port Vila,” she said.

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